Road Movie

18 September - 27 October 2001 and 5 February - 13 April 2002

37, rue Volta, Paris 3e
Métro: Arts-et-Métiers
Parking: 19, place Georges Pompidou

Tel: 0033-144 78 98 90

Road Movie is a love story both profoundly moving and deeply comic that follows the adventures of Joel as he drives across the United States to join his lover, Scott, in San Francisco. On the journey he encounters an array of characters. Jerome is alone on stage and plays all the characters, three women and two men. It's all about movement, love, parents who outlive their children, and friends who outlive their friends... And it's absolutely beautiful.

Road Movie was created at the Sudden Theatre in Paris 18 September - 27 October 2001 and was also performed at the Theatre du Marais between 5 February- 13 April 2002.


with Jérôme Pradon
directed by Nikola Koretzky
assisted by Pierre El Alam
adaptation Jérôme Pradon
production Sudden Théâtre & Vingt et Un Productions
photos Lionel Koretzky