Well, rehearsals started on the 5th of February and have been pretty intense. The company is great with performers of mind blowing talents in dance, acrobatics, singing and acting.

The creative team is a pleasure to work with, particularly Matthew Warchus our director. The role of Aragorn, I think, is coming along fine; I feel a very strong connection with him and an understanding of him that run quite deep which is, I hope, a good sign.

I've hurt my calf 2 weeks ago and It's healing slowly and to tell you all the truth, too slowly for me cause I still can't run nor jump which in this show is what we do most of the time.
I did my injury during the rehearsal of a fight, being hit by the weapon of an orc on the calf which ripped the muscle.
I still went to rehearsals, but was just allowed to watch for a week, lying down with my feet up, then stand and walk for another and now I'm begining my third week of injury, and it should be, according to the physio, my last before full recovery.

So all is ok, and I'm very happy and proud to be part of this show.

  March 2007