3rd June 1964
Boulogne (near Paris)
In Madagascar, Nice, Paris
Current home
Working on
Délit d'Ivresse and Road Movie
Reading, cooking, swimming, going to the gym, going to the movies, watching videos
Favourite food
I love them all. I love food and wine
Favourite book
That's difficult... more than one
Favourite car
The MX Mazda. I love cars
Favourite music
That depends on my mood. I love classical musical, jazz, rock, variety singers... At the moment the music I like best is Rachmaninov
Favourite musical instrument
The piano
Favourite color
Favourite movie
There's too many
First musical I saw
The Wizard of Oz
Favourite musicals
Les Misérables and Sweeney Todd
Personal heroes
Loads of people...
I stay home to watch
American series: Profiler, Friends, ER... all that crap
Nobody knows I'm
A cook
If I could do it all over
I would change a lot of things
My fantasy is
To sing at Madison Square Garden
If I could change one thing about myself
My mood swings
One of my good qualities
My frankness
One of my bad qualities
The fact that I have a low bowling point. I get upset too easily
Jobs I've done
All of them... Usher in a cinema, hamburger seller, carrier, waiter...
Ever been fired from a job
Most humbling experience
Visiting Moscow in 1993 and seeing everything that was going on there, seeing everybody so poor and selling everything they had on the street to get a bit of money. It was very striking
Own favourite performance
Road Movie
Most embarrassing thing that's happened to me on stage
Mumbling, getting my words wrong. That was during Whistle Down the Wind during the solliloquy, I mixed two words, and it fucked up everything