Jérôme Pradon, who has just finished a run in Martin Guerre at the Prince Edward Theatre, is the only actor to have played leading roles in all three Boublil and Schonberg musicals, Les Misérables, Miss Saigon and Martin Guerre.

What does living in London mean to you?
It means living in a place where theatre is everywhere. It means being a foreigner in a totally different, rich and fascinating culture and lifestyle.

What is your favourite London landmark?
When I first arrived in London, I was stunned by the Palace Theatre, a truly amazing building, but my favourite is the Covent Garden Market structure.

What do you think is the worst building in London?
Well, obviously, the National Theatre, although I can understand the architect's option: the outside is bland and minimal while the inside of the building is home to all sorts of visual creativity.

Where do you do your shopping in London?
In Covent Garden, around Oxford Circus and, more rarely, in South Kensington.

What annoys you most about London's environment?
I find the pollution and the noise a real problem here. Although I live in a very quiet flat in central London, the air at times is really filthy!

Do you have a favourite area of London?
Yes, I love Covent Garden.

What aspect of London would you most like to change?
I'd like some very strong regulations on all vehicles regarding exhaust fumes that would reduce the air quality problem.

What is the best way of spending time in London?
Shopping, going to the theatre, clubbing - and some of the restaurants are wonderful.

How does London compare to other capital cities?
It's a great capital with a very special buzz and lots of character. But there's no comparison, because it's unique, as are Paris and New York.

Do you have a favourite London journey by road, rail, bus or on foot?
I love to cross over Waterloo Bridge and then walk along the Thames from the National Theatre to Butler's Wharf. I know it's a long walk, but it's great!

If you could choose a celebrity Mayor for London, who would it be?
Lily Savage.

What would your personal slogan for London be?
I love to live, love and work in London.

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